Whitetail Deer

Deer Hunting in Maine A lifetime of Experience!

Steve Beckwith - Has been hunting deer in Maine since 1970 and has vast experience in everything from tracking down that big buck to archery management hunting in Maine. Russell is simply a younger version of his father and has mastered the art of scents, calling, stand placement, as well as his excellent tracking skills.

Maine has some great whitetail hunting opportunities. One of the hardest things for people that want to hunt in Maine have to understand is, that although Maine has some really big bodied deer with 140 and up class antlers, antler growth is not always on what we Mainers call a trophy. A trophy in Maine is in the eyes of the beholder, passing up a chance at one of Maine's whitetails for that bigger buck, may very well be your only chance to harvest a deer in Maine for that hunting trip. Depending upon your personal preference you always make that call.

If you are coming to Maine in search of the ultimate big bodied deer with a 180 class rack, although it is possible to do, it is not very realistic to pump you up or lead you into thinking you will achieve this goal.  These deer of this caliber exist in all areas of Maine and the possibility of harvesting a deer like this are always there. This is truly what keeps Maine Hunters in the woods!

What we offer for hunting is custom planned hunts from ground blinds to treestands, calling to tracking, we hunt the way the time of year warrants hunting conditions.

Maine has exceptional opportunities for archery hunters, in Maine you can archery hunt from early Sept to mid Dec. the limit varies from 2 bucks to unlimited tags for antlerless deer. For added fees, we offer filmed hunts by your guide during early archery season hunts.

Maine has a lottery drawing for antlerless deer to be taken with a firearm, if you are planning on hunting in Maine with a rifle, shotgun, crossbow, or muzzle loader you will need to apply in July for the lottery drawing for your chance at a either sex tag. Otherwise it is bucks only for firearms & crossbows in Maine.

Late season hunts - Rifle and muzzle loader seasons (weather conditions permitting) our hunts often times go from a treestand hunt to a big buck tracking hunt, this can be tailored to the hunters preference and abilities. Tracking can be applied to big rack bucks, heavy bucks, young bucks and antlerless hunts, this will depend upon your physical abilities and personal preference on game being pursued! Tracking hunts your guide will be with you at all times.