Bear Season 2018 - Now Booking

Maine won the battle to keep bear hunting over bait, hounding and trapping as game management tools! So come on up to Maine and enjoy a great hunting opportunity for one of North Americas Apex Preditors, the American Black Bear!

Our Baits are located in Central, Maine about 3.5 hours north of Kittery border on Rt 95,great bear hunting with half the drive to get there!

 We are not like the huge bear hunting outfitters you read about with 10-25 clients at camp each week! We are not against having a drink but insist upon our clients being responsible with their drinking, excesive drinking will not be tolerated at camp. We like to spend time with our clients or let them enjoy life at bear camp the way it should be, a personal experience! We offer exceptional hunting opportunity for only a few bear hunters per year! We only allow a maximum of 6 hunters on our stands during any one week period to insure great baits for our hunters sucess, book early for this great hunting opportunity!

All licenses & permits are hunters responsibility, we do not sell licenses.Purchase licenses online at Maine IF&W websites



Youth Day 2018 

$500.00 (2 Spots still open)

The 2018 5 Day Hunt Deal Only $1500.00

Week #1 - Booked

Week #2 Booked

Week #3 Booked

Week #4 Booked

5 Day Hunt Mon.-Fri. 6 nights stay.


Possible fees during your stay with us.

Guide tips are appreciated! 

Butchering, Caping, Sausage, Vacumed Sealed  processing available through Worster Custom Meat Cutting right down the road from our lodge! They are also a game tagging station, weigh your bear and field dress all in one location! 



We start baiting our sites 30 days before first hunting week!

100% deposit required at booking after June 1st,2018.  Deposits and full payments are non-refundable, but can be applied towards another date upon pre-approval in the event of illness or family emergencies. 

To see our available dates & special deal pricing options 


We are fully booked for 2017 & 2018!

Still have youth day openings 2018 only!







Contact us for more details!