Black Bear

Black Bear in Maine The Maine Hunters Way!

Our baited bear sites are set out 30 days prior to the hunting season. We use trail cameras to monitor your assigned bait site.  

Our success ratio for bear sightings on our stands is currently 95%. We do everything we can to place our hunters on a bait site with high probability of a bear sighting. We can never guarantee a sighting or a bear that you are willing to harvest, what we can tell you is that when we put you on one of our baited stands, you will have the best chance you will ever have in Maine's woods of seeing and harvesting a black bear! As previously mentioned we monitor all our stands with trail cameras and your bait will be active or you won't be sitting on it!

Our bear stands are baited weekly. Being scent free, motionless and alert are keys to your success on our stands. ThermaCells can be used for mosquitoes using their original scent pads, do not bring or use the earth scent pads, we run regular pads in our ThermaCells while baiting and the bear seem to be tolerant to this smell. Scent free soaps and shampoo is a must prior to each days hunt, clothing should be scent free and kept in a plastic tote, placing balsam fir bows or spruce in the bottom and top of clothing (keep spruce away from good clothing "pitch") Smoking is not permitted after showering for your hunt...period! These are just a few basic rules for a successful bear hunt in remote wilderness bait sites.

On a typical guided bear hunt you will be brought into your stand by your guide, and your guide will return to bring you back out to the vehicle for your ride back to camp. For an added fee you will have the opportunity to hire your guide to join you on your actual hunt, either to assist and instruct or to film your hunt, these options are up to your personal needs. This option is limited to guides being available. On all our hunts we offer...You will be part of the hunt, a bear down is the hunters ultimate responsibility, but we will provide assistance in your bear retrieval after your shot and extraction from the woods and you will assist in every aspect of this process. To include physical work related to this procedure. When successful, you will be taken to a tagging station for proper registering of your bear. Arrangements must be made in advance for processing your bear with us or another source of your choice.