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Yes... the State guide testing process has changed, it will now include a practical examination that will require a hands-on demonstration of skills but have no fear.....

Our class already moved up to speed and we now incorporate this added information into the same 3 day class to bring this new procedure and information to our students. We have also added basic GPS use to our class as well.

NEW NEW NEW!!!   Most of our scheduled classes will now offer a First Aid Class (with Wilderness First Aid added into the class curriculum making it more useful to a Maine Guide.) this course will be held from 5 PM - 8 PM on one of the 3 days of each scheduled Maine Guide Class listed below. Actual day will be determined a week or two before each class date, due to first aid instructors work schedule. This class is separate from our Guide Course Cost and will be $50 paid directly to the instructor of this class, on class day! If you already have a current First aid certificate, this is not a mandatory Maine Guide Class requirement. This is being put together to expedite getting your first aid class certificate easier and quicker to send in with your State Guide Exam Application as it is required by the State on Maine IFW.  When registering for any of our Guide Classes please let us know if you wish to take this additional First Aid class or not so we can plan accordingly for class instructors for this class!  We feel this will make things a lot easier as this is the number one reason students put off taking their guide exam, because they can not locate a first aid class in their home area in a timely fashion! Thank you!


Maine is one the most honored States in the Union for it's elite guides and becoming a Registered Maine Guide is not to be taken lightly. Passing the Maine Guides test is one of the toughest licensing procedures in the U.S. and wearing a Maine Guides patch is one of the most respected symbols in the hunting & fishing industry across the world!  Steve will be offering a 3 day Maine Hunting Guide School course in North Berwick, Maine. Those interested in signing up for this class can contact Steve using the contact form tab above for more details. This class is focused on the Hunting Guides test, and information will be provided for Fishing & Recreational testing students as well. Our class teaches lost person recovery and emergency preparedness scenario training, Map & Compass, GPS usage, Maine Hunting Law and species identification. After completing this course you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to prepare for the Maine Registered Guides Examination testing procedure in Augusta, Maine.


2020 Price for a scheduled class is $395.00.

Classes run Friday-Sunday 8-4 PM (Unless otherwise noted) 

$100 Non-refundable deposit required. Balance due at first morning of your class, we accept  Cash only...(NO CHECKS at class.)  If you wish to pay by Check it must be mailed 30 days prior to your class date. 

Be advised we will only accept a Maximum of ten (12) students per class, so make sure to book early to reserve your seat in the class date you prefer. If a class is full, it will be noted as FULL after that class date below.


$100 Deposit (Click Here to pay deposit.) balance $295.00 due at class 

All Classes below are $395.00

Classes will have a first aid class offered on the Friday or Saturday nights of course dates 5-8 PM 


2020 Schedule Below

April 10-12,2020  (FULL-Cancelled Covid-19 Stay At Home Order by Governor)

Future classes pending State re-opening.. Watch here for announcements.

June 12-14,2020 (Cancelled Covid-19)

July 17-19,2020 (Seats Open This Class Is being Held)

Dec 4-6 ,2020 (Seats Open)


 Can't make an above scheduled class??? 

Schedule Your Own Class Procedure! 

Private Classes can be arranged to fit your schedule and ours!

One on one! Price is $695.00 for a single student.

Better deal ... get one friend to join with you and get $200 each off,

Best deal get three or more friends and class is $395 ea.!

Three (3) days designed to work with your schedule.  

Contact Steve if interested in this to set up dates that work for Steve and you!


Gift Certificates Available  

CliCK HERE To Pay and become enrolled in a scheduled Class.

Classes will be held at the 

North Berwick Rod & Gun Club, 40 Butler Road, North Berwick, ME 03906


Click Here for Directions



What to Bring to Class

You can bring a bag lunch each day or we are a 5 minute drive to several great sandwich shops in downtown North Berwick, most of us head to Subway or Allard's Store for a quick lunch and head back to class and eat there. 

Required class supplies:

Baseplate mapping compass,(IE. Silva, Suunto, or Brunton ),

Here is what I think is the best compass for use in your guide exam and in this class. Either the Silva Ranger 2.0 Mirror Compass in - Orange or Black


 Bring your GPS if you own one, pencil, pen, plastic ruler or wooden ruler "without metal edge", a small notebook or paper for your notes, and your strong desire to be a guide!

Due to The Maine Department of IF&W not providing printed law books any longer, you will need to use your phone or computer to study Maine laws from, you may be able to acquire law books from a licensing agent counter or you may have to download the PDF file from the IF&W website and have it printed at a place like Staples or on your own printer at home, if you need to. We can no longer provide law books to students because the State does not print many law books now, they have gone all online with this. 

You will need, these law books 5 law books to study from:

Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, ATV& Snowmobile and Boating

Use this link to download these law books and have them available on your phone, laptop, computer or printed out for class.  

You can purchase a full size Topo Map of anywhere in Maine that you like from this website, these are the size we use in class. They are about $8 ea. We have laminated maps that we use in class. 

You can print off Maps FREE from this website, they print onto 8 1/2 x 11 paper right from your own printer, you will need to print off the the entire quadrant for each map which consists of 5 map pages, page one has important information needed for Map & Compass practice, used in conjuction with maps 2-5 when using these free maps. Click here and zoom in on Maine and select an area to print your own maps for free. I will have examples of these maps at class and will explain how you can practice on FREE maps.

Before or After completion of the class you will need to take a First Aid course (Any course that is an actual classroom course, the State will not accept online first aid courses.)   When you apply for your test examination you will need to have a copy of both sides of your valid first aid certificate, $100.00 to apply to the State for your exam date and an application form that can be downloaded HERE or I have them at class for you as well. The day that you pass your State exam you will need $89 additional to pay for your first 3 year Maine Guide license as well. 

New Maine Law for Guide Applicants and Guide Renewals:

Fingerprinting and Background checks need to be performed before you can apply for a testing date. More Information can be viewed on the IFW website Click here for more information and to view the procedure guides on the IFW WEBSITE